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Rasp has been the preferred IPTV solution for over five years. Built on the idea that quality beats quantity every single time. The idea behind Rasp is it can be enjoyed on pretty much any device with a screen whether it be a PC, droid box, phone, tablet, or even a web browser. It just works! Easy to install apps, along with cross compatibility across all devices and operating systems, Rasp is the most comprehensive solution for your IPTV needs.


  • Your own Panel login and password to create and manage your own users.
  • 10,000 credits (costs 2 credits per month per connection) – meaning you can sell up to 5000 total months of service at your own price or include it with the sale of a device if you are a boxseller for example. If you charged $10 per month that would be $50,000 coming in.


  • Android and iOS apps such as IPTV Smarters
  • Kodi with Smarters add-on
  • STB Emulator (for mag device accounts)
  • PC with Smarters App
  • MAG
  • Enigma

You can use your own Android app or use any number of apps for your customers (most common being IPTV Smarters App). You can whitelabel the services as you please.

You are responsible for your own customers and support. They are your customers and this is your business. As a reseller, you agree to this.

Android / Amazon Fire

Install Rasp IPTV onto any Android or Fire device.

Smart TV

Use Rasp directly on your Smart TV without the need for a separate device plugged in! Here is an example of Rasp set up on a LG smart TV using the free SS IPTV app from the LG content store.

Web TV Player

Watch Rasp from anywhere using a web browser with the Web TV Player.

Third Party

Watch Rasp using your favorite third party app using the M3U and EPG URLs from your member area.

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